Girls Be Ambitious

A program that enables girls who are unable to go to school due conditions of poverty to attend one of our rural schools and receive an education instead of having to work in the fields, do chores at home or take care of siblings.

Neath Douy

Neath Douy is an 8-year-old student in 2nd grade at The Ascham School community, in Putang village, Romnea commune, Senmonorom district, Mondulkiri province.

Neath Douy has three sisters. She is the first child in the family. Her parents are farmers. They own half of a hectare of farmland. Douy’s parents can grow rice only in rainy season because their land is in rainfed area. The yield of rice is 800kg per year and it is not enough for this family. So her parents do seasonal works such as planting and harvesting cassava, picking cashew nuts or clear weeds in farms. Each of them earns about$5 per day.  Douy has to respond to do housework when her mother is very busy to work out side whole day.

Date Posted: March, 2017