Girls Be Ambitious

A program that enables girls who are unable to go to school due conditions of poverty to attend one of our rural schools and receive an education instead of having to work in the fields, do chores at home or take care of siblings.

To Be Selected

Chou Shine is a 13-year-old student in 8th grade at The Naohiro Nishiya School in Tbaung Teuk Village, Meanrith Commune, Sandann District, and Kampong Thom Province. There are five members in her family. Shine has three sisters including her. She is a third child (youngest child) in the family. Her parents are farmers and they transplant paddy rice yearly. Shine said that her parents have their own small land to make the paddy but there isn’t adequate to solve their needs because of the income that they gathered up from transplanting rice is about $295 per year.

Moreover, besides doing paddy, her father has taken time to ply as a palm tree’s climber in order to collect the palm juice to make sugar palm to sell. And one kilogram of sugar palm is $1.25. Shine stated that, in the difficult situation like this she thought by herself and she took almost every Sunday to work at the farm work in order to get $3.00 to assist her parents’ needs.

Date Posted: February, 2017