Girls Be Ambitious

A program that enables girls who are unable to go to school due conditions of poverty to attend one of our rural schools and receive an education instead of having to work in the fields, do chores at home or take care of siblings.

Kong Sina

Kong Sina is a 16 year-old student who entered the Girls Be Ambitious program in 2011. At the time, she enrolled in the fifth grade at The Wahrenbrock Family School in Chang Angkar Village, Pich Sa Commune, Koh Andeth District, Takeo Province. She is now in the eleventh grade.  She maintains her perfect attendance.

There are six members in Sina’s family including her grandmother. She has one sister and one brother. Her father’s name is Kong Rithy, 32, and her mother’s name is Hem Ren, 31. They don’t have their own land for farming. One year ago her parents decided to leave their hometown and move to Pichnel (Sihanouk Province). In their new village, her parents work making fences, cutting down trees, building houses and doing other jobs for neighbors to earn extra money.

Sina and her siblings stayed behind in their home village and are living with their grandmother. Sina’s parents send about $50 a month to support their children. Her grandmother said that $ 50 is not enough to buy rice, food, school supplies and other daily items.

After enrollment in the GBA program, Sina and her grandmother are very happy for the chance and she promised to attend school regularly.

Updated : January, 2017