The Cambodia Rural School Project

The Rieko Yano School

Cheang Vuthea is 14-year-old grade 9B student at The Rieko Yano School. He ranked number one out of his 45 classmates in the second semester of this school year. He has four siblings, he is the first son in the family. His house is 3 km from school. He comes to school by bicycle everyday with his classmates.

"My parents are farmers, we plant rice and grow vegetables to support our livelihood," he said. "Besides that my father is a motor taxi driver. When he has free time he goes to city town it is 20 km from home to earn extra money." "When I have free time always help my mother at home by carrying water home from water well, and do the house cleaning," he said.

"In the school curriculum, I generally like to study all kind of subjects, but I like mathematics and Khmer language the most because mathematics makes me brain smart, and good at calculation," Cheang Vuthea said. "It can make me to find a good job when I grow up and Khmer language is my mother tongue I have to support it," he added.

"I want to be a leader because I want to develop my village by making new roads, digging more wells, building more schools, build pagodas and what villagers need," Cheang Vuthea said