The Cambodia Rural School Project

The Rieko Yano School

Mrs. Uth Sitha is a 51-year-old farmer in the schoolıs village, she has been living here since 1991 and she has 5 children. Her husband is 45-year-old, he is a farmer too. She plants rice near their home, three of her children learning in the Rieko Yano School. Uth Sitha said she is very happy to have a nice concrete building secondary school in her village, because it is easy and safe for her children. In the past there was no school building in this village, she said.

"We are the parents and I have nothing to give them, but giving them the knowledge by sending them to school is the best I can do," she said. "When they finished school, they can be able to find job by themselves," Uth Sitha added.