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Poverty-stricken people in developing countries face nearly insurmountable barriers imposed by society, culture, prejudice and corruption that prevent them from ever moving beyond a certain point.

Through the generous support of our donors, World Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia’s Rural Schools Project has built over 530 schools all over Cambodia that are operating as state schools. We have also provided supplementary training in order to move some of the students to go beyond being common laborers at best when they go out into the world.

The Bright Future Kids program was launched in 2003 to help bright students in our schools who show promise to reach their full potential. Students selected to this full-scholarship magnet program are high achievers attending an elementary school in rural Cambodia built through the partnership of World Assistance of Cambodia and the Cambodian Ministry of Education.  While these students are at the lowest poverty level, they have shown high aptitude and motivation in learning core subjects taught in Khmer (the Cambodian language) and acquiring English as a second language.  The Bright Future Kids program provides supplementary education to support these students enter a top-notch secondary school in Phnom Penh, study at a university in Cambodia and/or abroad, to become thinkers and future leaders.

The elementary program of the Bright Future Kids is located at the Gloria and Henry Jarecki School of Special Skills in Banlung, Ratanakiri province in northeastern Cambodia.   The requirements to qualify for this program are high academic achievement, social maturity, willingness to live in a dormitory away from home and their parents’ consent to let them enter the program.

After admission to the Bright Future Kids program, the student moves to Banlung to join other students in the program where they receive guidance and nurturing care from our highly-qualified staff. Food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and tuition are fully funded for each student.

They attend the Gloria and Henry Jarecki School for Special Skills, an elementary school, five days a week where they receive class instruction in Khmer in the mornings, and English and computer instruction in the afternoons.  Once a week, the students enjoy an extended reading time at the library.

At the dormitory, the students follow a structured schedule and are taught skills for independent study.  Older students mentor younger students and weekly meetings are scheduled where the students gather and share ideas.

After completing seventh grade in Banlung, our students move to the secondary program of the Bright Future Kids.  At the start of eighth grade, students move to a dormitory complex, the Bright Future Kids Home, located in Kandal province in a beautiful rural setting. They enroll at the Bak Touk secondary school, one of the top secondary schools in Phnom Penh, to complete their secondary education. The Bright Future Kids Home has two dormitories, one for boys and one for girls, a library and a three-story learning center where students receive supplemental instruction in English and math.

After graduating from secondary school, the Bright Future Kids students are eligible to receive university scholarships funded through this program.

A comfortable, air-conditioned guest house at the Bright Future Kids Home compound welcomes visitors and volunteers who wish to stay overnight or for longer extended stays.

Sponsors will receive biographical information about the student they are sponsoring, photos and their e-mail address.

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