Girls Be Ambitious

A program that enables girls who are unable to go to school due conditions of poverty to attend one of our rural schools and receive an education instead of having to work in the fields, do chores at home or take care of siblings.

Huonh Sophea

Huonh Sophea is a 13 year-old student who has been attending in grade 7 at O’chum School, which is located in O’chum district and Ratanakiri province.

Huonh Sophea is also an ethnic minority student who has gotten six brothers and no any sisters except her. Her parents are farmers and they have about half hectare of farmland for planting rice yearly. Eventually, they can gather the rice about 500 kg in per year. To be as the farmers who own little farmland for making rice they cannot earn enough money to patch up a lack of the family well. So that they decides to work as cashew nut picker or potatoes digger during that season in order to earn 5 US dollars per day for one person. Sometimes, her parents are being busy on their works and there have no anybody looks after her siblings so she decides to miss out the class for a few days due to help the family’s management and taking care of her siblings.

In the future, Sophea wants to be a nurse because she loves it and she can look after her parents as well as poor people in her village. Moreover, she thinks that to be the nurse can make her life as well as her family’s members to be happier and more brilliant than today.

Updated: June 2018