Girls Be Ambitious

A program that enables girls who are unable to go to school due conditions of poverty to attend one of our rural schools and receive an education instead of having to work in the fields, do chores at home or take care of siblings.

To Be Selected

Sreyvoan is 11 years old and she is a student in 6th grade at The Chres School in Kampot Province, Kampong Trach District, Boeng Sala khang Tbong Commune, Phum Chres Village.

There are five members in her family such as father, mother, one older brother, one younger sister and Sreivon is second child in her family. Her parents are farmers and her family is poor. They have owned half hectare, which can produce between 1,000kgs to 1,500kgs of rice a year. After harvesting rice her father sold out for 500kgs and got 150$ to support a whole family in per year. However, that income was still not enough to afford to buy school supplies for Sreimom’s study and for their daily consumption in a whole year. During the schooling, Sreivon always went to school every Monday to Saturday every day and she’s not absence. After school, she always did housework with her parents and in her free time, she liked to read the books, reviewed the lessons from school and completed the exercises from the teachers made her do.

Sreivon wanted to be a teacher of mathematics subject when she grows up. Moreover, she wanted to teach all the students in the rural villages and all the people in the world to in order to get them high educated to become center-row of the nation and also progress the nation towards perfect human resource. Furthermore, in the future, she wanted to earn money to support her family to meet with appropriate living condition and wants to make her family to live a better life also.

Date posted: January, 2019