Rural Schools Program

Build a rural school or adopt an existing school and enhance it with computer training, English lessons, vegetable gardens and more! Give children of the rural poor areas of Cambodia opportunities for a better education and brighter life.

Rural Schools and List of Donors

The Cambodia Rural School Project

The Bernie Krisher School

Deborah Krisher-Steele, daughter of Bernie Krisher and her son Adam are greeted at the opening ceremony on March 22, 2011 of the Bernie Krisher School donated by Michael and Patti Meyers.

Deborah Krisher-Steele reads a message from Michael and Patti Meyers, the donors of the school.

Deborah Krisher-Steele writes a message in the school’s Golden Book as Adam, her son, looks on.

Deborah Krisher-Steele cuts the ribbon.

The children receive the school supplies donated by Bernard Krisher.

Message from Mike and Patti Meyers,  donors of the Bernie Krisher School.

Many yeas ago, we saw a movie about the terrible things that happened in Cambodia in the 1970s.  Like most people, we felt sad, but we did not do anything about it.  Fortunately, there was one person who decided to do something to help the people of Cambodia.

This person had the idea to build schools for the children of Cambodia.   Nearly 500 schools have been built all across the country because this one person had an idea.  This person’s name is Bernie Krisher, and this is the first school in Cambodia to be named in his honor.

Thanks to Bernie Krisher, tens of thousands of students in Cambodia now have the opportunity to get an education and improve their lives.   To the students of the Bernie Krisher School, please remember that learning and your education also can help to improve the lives of your families, your community and your country.

We hope this school will help the students and the people of Peam Chor for years to come.  Best wishes and good luck.

Mike & Patti Meyers
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