Rural Schools Program

Build a rural school or adopt an existing school and enhance it with computer training, English lessons, vegetable gardens and more! Give children of the rural poor areas of Cambodia opportunities for a better education and brighter life.

Rural Schools and List of Donors

Number of School: 213
Name of School: The Sapporo Acasia Lions Club School
Name of Donor: Sapporo Acasia Lions Club
Location of School
Province: Ratanakiri
District: Koan Mom
Commune: Trapaing Chress
Village: Kor Hoksep
Status: Complete
Start of construction: October 29, 2002
End of construction: February 10, 2003
Student body: 73
Teaching staff: 2
Classrooms: 3
Average students per room: 36
Distance from provincial town: 20 km
Travel Time: 20-30 minutes
Lim Peou is the school director of the Sapporo Acasia Lions Club School
Oeun Dany is a third grade student of the Sapporo Acasia Lions Club School
Sat Phally is a third grade student of the Sapporo Acasia Lions Club School


A brief history of the village

There are 319 people living in this tiny village, surrounded by mountains. The people farm rice for a living. The average annual income is $50. During the dry season, the area lacks sufficient drinking water. Each villager needs to walk to the jungle to collect what little water remains. The water that they collect barely covers what they need for cooking.

The village is remote and isolated. There is no communication system and the road is bad. The nearest telephone service is five kilometers away.

The village was created by King Norodom Sihanouk. The King brought people from other areas of the country to settle here, and built houses and roads for them, as well as other forms of support. Unfortunately, when General Lon Nol toppled the King in 1970, the support to the village was cut of. They were left to fend for themselves. Consequently, they called themselves the “Khmer Disappointed People”.


Lim Peou # 213
Oeun Dany # 213
Sat Phally # 213