Village Leap

Village Leap provides a way for a rural village to bridge the digital divide, by bringing beautiful handmades silk products woven in Cambodia to you. We hope you enjoy our website.

Program director Douglas Schlemmer and the families of the seven trainees meet at the construction site of the new silk weaving building.


Seven young adults from Robib village are being trained in silk weaving to produce products to be sold over this web page. They have been learning this skidl over the past three months at Tbeng Meanchey, the capital of Preah Vihear province, four hours north of Robib on very difficult roads. They will return to Robib and begin silk weaving there in the middle of August.

Meanwhile the families of the seven trainees are in the process of building a simple house where the newly skilled villagers will weave the silk. A plot of land has been donated by the families where their new building of woodenposts and a grass roof will be located.

July 20, 2000