Village Leap

Village Leap provides a way for a rural village to bridge the digital divide, by bringing beautiful handmades silk products woven in Cambodia to you. We hope you enjoy our website.

Shin Satellite Corp., Bangkok for generous donation of a satellite dish and access to their satellite that links Robib to the Internet and the world.
Apple-Japan,  MIT Media Laboratory, Deutsche Bank contribution of computers and equipment to the rural school project
Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications, Cambodia permission to install satellite dish and communications link.
preparation and maintenance of this Home Page
VIP Section of the Cambodian Army for providing helicopter transportation
Masanori Sugihara for his generous support in purchasing a Toyota pickup which shuttles personnel and supplies to our rural schools and whose generous contributions largely support the costs of operating this project
The Future Light Orphanage and its director, Mrs. Nuon Phaly (winner of the Magsaysay Prize) for providing the talented, computer literate orphans who rotate to Robib and other rural schools to impart their computer knowledge to the village children.
The Veterans International Silk Rehabilitation Project in Preah Vihear Province
for their generosity in helping train Robib villagers, as well as many handicapped Cambodians, to regain their lost skills in silk weaving.


Claudia Godfry Foundation for providing the funds to construct the silk weaving building in Robib village