Dear Friends,

Join us for an unprecedented evening of exotic music featuring renowned taiko master, Moko Igarashi & the Miyabi Arashi Taiko Group, as well as performers Ritsuko Matsumoto (Marimba) and Yoshinori Moriyama (Japanese Fue). The evening's benefits go to support education and medical care for the rural poor in Cambodia. Win raffle prizes, bid on exciting auction items, feast on a fresh and exciting buffet dinner with wonderful people, then dance, all for a great cause!

Tickets are limited, so reserve early!

Date: Friday, November 14, 2014
Time: From 7 pm (Doors open at 6:30) to 9:30 pm
Where: Tokyo American Club, Manhattan Ballroom (Access to the Tokyo American Club)
Dress: Business Casual or Cambodia Dress

Event tickets: $100 Raffle chances: $10 for one ticket, $50 for six tickets, $100 for 14 tickets

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About Japan Relief for Cambodia & World Assistance for Cambodia

Japan Relief for Cambodia & World Assistance for Cambodia was launched in Tokyo in 1993 to provide humanitarian aid to Cambodia. It was founded by longtime Tokyo-based American journalist, Bernie Krisher. Bernie reported on Cambodia during the early 1960s for Newsweek and became friends with Prince Sihanouk. Sihanouk was ousted by a coup d'etat in 1970 and civil war ensued. Bernie kept in touch with Sihanouk, and promised to return to Cambodia when the prince did. In November 1991, Sihanouk was asked to return by his people and the United Nations. His mandate was to unify and bring peace back to his country. Bernie flew to Cambodia with his daughter, Debbie, to welcome Sihanouk back home.What Bernie and Debbie saw was a country decimated by war. There was no national newspaper, no medical care, no schools...everything that made a functional society had been destroyed. That's when Bernie decided to do something. A Holocaust survivor, who had a successful life and career because others along the way had helped him, he decided it was time to give back. Thanks to encouragement and support from his friends, Bernie has had a huge influence on the development of Cambodia. He has launched a daily newspaper; built a charity hospital that provides medical care free of charge; established an orphanage for children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS; built more than 550 rural schools all over Cambodia (many equipped with computers and internet access); set up school vegetable gardens that provides meals to students before classes; initiated the Girls Be Ambitious program that now supports hundreds of girls by enabling them to receive an education; and created a magnet scholarship program for academically talented students to pursue higher education.

Much of this success is due to direct involvement and support from people like you.

At this event, we will show the many ways Japan Relief for Cambodia & World Assistance for Cambodia has helped shape a recovering country. However, so much still needs to be done. With your help, we can assist the poorest in Cambodia achieve better lives, model genuine altruism, and have a lasting positive impact on Cambodia.

We look forward to talking to you on how you and your family can be involved and support these efforts!

Please find information on how to donate at: you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Debbie at We hope to see you in November!


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Our Musicians

Moko Igarashi & Miyabi Arashi Taiko Group "Beautiful Storm!"

五十嵐 智子 & 雅嵐太鼓会


Moko Igarashi, born in Tokyo, is the director of Miyabi Arashi Taiko School, established in 1997. The performing group, Miyabi Arashi, was formed when Miyabi Arashi Taiko School started. It consists of the top members of the school with approx. 13-14 international players. The members are adults together with students who are between 10 and 16 years old.The Miyabi Arashi members create a variety of styles of Taiko ensemble, from traditional Japanese to western and modern music.

The performance of their highly trained players, is very lively and colorful.They perform throughout the year at various events and celebrations both in and outside of the community. The group is actively involved in raising funds for the people in Tohoku after the earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th, 2011; the Philippines after the typhoon and floods and the children in Cambodia in order to assist them so that they too, can have an education and fulfill their dreams!

Ritsuko Matsumoto 松本律子

RitsukoMarimba player/Composer

Born in Fukushima prefecture, RItsuko Matsumoto began playing the piano at age four and took on marimba at age five. She pursued her musical education at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Music High School and at the Showa College of Music where she focussed on Marimba. After graduating in 2001, Matsumoto taught music at a junior high school music and at a school for special education.

Matsumoto has performed solo, in recitals, at school concerts and collaborated with a Japanese painting artist for concert productions. She hosted "Utautage", a musical unit for children and their mothers, using music in motion with newspapers, shadow, and cloth etc. She has composed and arranged modern marimba pieces that encorporate Japanese folk songs and nursery rhythm music.

While exploring the endless possibilities of expression in marimba, Matsumoto seeks to create a novel and compelling style of music.

Her debut CD "Ritsuko" was released in 2012.

Yoshinori Moriyama


MoriyamaFue & Taiko player/Composer

Born in Tochigi, Japan. After 26 years of performing with the Taiko group, "Sen Amano & Arahan" in Yamanashi Prefecture, he decided to become a solo player in March of this year, 2014. Besides his performances as a solo artist, he teaches Fue & Taiko to various groups.

As a composer he plays many of his own, original pieces with both Taiko & Fue. These musical pieces are based on the Japanese Matsuri rhythm and he has created his own style and taste in his music. He creates a mixture of powerful, lively and sentimental music.

His dynamic performances send us a strong message and wish for "peace" which is greatly appreciated by all audiences in many countries.