Rural Schools Program

Build a rural school or adopt an existing school and enhance it with computer training, English lessons, vegetable gardens and more! Give children of the rural poor areas of Cambodia opportunities for a better education and brighter life.

Rural Schools and List of Donors

The Aeon Lime School (Feb. 2001)


Number of School: 57
Name of School: The Aeon Lime School
Name of Donor: The Aeon Group
Location of School
Province: Siem Reap
District: Chi Kreng
Commune: Chi Kreng
Village: Pring
Status: Complete
Start of construction: August 20, 2000
End of construction: November 14, 2000
Student Body: 406
Teaching Staff: 10
Classrooms: 6
Average students per class: 35
Distance from city: 383 km
Travel Time: 2 days

The signboard of the school reads: “The Aeon Lime School Donated by the Aeon Group and the Social Fund, 2000.”  (August, 2001)

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Mr. Om Boeun Chhor is the director of the Aeon Lime School.
Soeurn Nakry is a 13-year-old fourth grade student at the Aeon Lime School. 
Kheun Van is a 13-year-old fifth grade student at the Aeon Lime School. 
Mr. Chea Heun is a farmer living near the Aeon Lime School.
Om Boeun # 57
Soeurn Nakry # 57
Kheun Van # 57
Chea Heun # 57