Rural Schools Program

Build a rural school or adopt an existing school and enhance it with computer training, English lessons, vegetable gardens and more! Give children of the rural poor areas of Cambodia opportunities for a better education and brighter life.

Rural Schools and List of Donors

The Cambodia Rural School Project

The Bernie Krisher School 2

Deborah Krisher-Steele, daughter of Bernie Krisher, receives a bouquet of flowers at the opening ceremony on March 23rd, 2011, of the Bernie Krisher School 2 donated by the Friends of Bernie Krisher.

Deborah Krisher-Steele cut the ribbon, opening the Bernie Krisher School 2 in Takeo province.

Deborah Krisher-Steele speaks with students in the new classrooms, after she distributed school supplies to them.

Deborah Krisher-Steele watches as students follow their Computer lessons in the new computer room.

After the ceremony Deborah Krisher-Steele poses for a souvenir picture with students and teachers in front of the new school building.