Help Us Build a Loving Home for Orphans Whose Parents Have Died of HIV-AIDS

During the Pol Pot period, many children were left parentless as nearly two million people perished from starvation, torture and exhaustion under the cruel regime of the Khmer Rouge. Nowadays there are fewer genuine orphans but countless poor children whose parents are unable to care for them and they inhabit most of the country’s orphanages. A growing number of children, however, are becoming orphans as their parents die from HIV/AIDS. These children—some at the age of 13 or 14—have suddenly become the breadwinners for their siblings and aged grandparents. They have lost their childhood.

To give them a loving home and hopeful future, we established A New Life Orphanage in 2007. The orphanage is located on farmland on the outskirts of Phnom Penh off the highway toward Saigon. Three buildings, housing a dormitory, dining facility and administrative office, have been funded by Mr. Douglas Hodge and Mrs. Kylie Schuyler Hodge. The executive director is Mme. Prak Savang, who has managed the prestigious Khmer-French-Hungarian Friendship Orphanage Center in Kandal, operated by the Ministry of Social Affairs, for three decades. In anticipation of directing her own orphanage someday, Savang purchased a small plot of land where she has now realized her dream. The children here are physically healthy and not afflicted by HIV/AIDS. They attend a local state school and benefit from additional tutoring at the orphanage after school as well as from the facilities of the Bright Future Kids Home next door. There they learn computer skills, English, the arts of music and dance and participate in sports with the students at the Bright Future Kids Home.  We are very proud of the tremendous academic and personal growth we have seen in our children who have joined our orphanage and believe this is because they are well-supported here and happy children learn and thrive.  

When an orphan turns 18, they leave the orphanage, seek employment and live independently.  Our program offers vocational training and support for independent living to make this transition successful.  Some of our orphans have chosen careers in teaching English and computer skills at our rural schools, a prestigious and respected job in Cambodia.

We are currently seeking sponsors for orphans. Monthly support is $50 (annual support is $600). Please contact us if you would like to support an orphan at A New Life Orphanage.  Visits to our orphanage are always welcome!